We have a school Eco Council, known as the Eco Warriors. This council is made up of representatives of each class from Year 2 to Year 6. 

They meet regularly to discuss ways of making our school more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint.


This year, our focus is creating a travel plan to encourage greener ways of travelling to school, as well as making the road and area outside the school safer.

We are also working on reducing our energy consumption.



Eco Warriors14.1.22

We are trying to improve our bike parking.
This meeting we talked about our bike shed. We picked a bike shed that is green like our uniform. We have a budget of £4,000 from Surrey Council and from the HLSA. We thank them. We have picked the shape like a capital U which has 40 spaces. At the moment, we only have 10 spaces. We have looked at different ideas.
We wanted one with lots of spaces for bicycles and scooters. We want something over it to keep it dry. We don’t want a door because everyone will crowd in. We thought green would blend in. It can’t be too expensive or we can’t afford it.

Mia and Josh

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