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Staffing - Updated September 2023

 Academy Head Teacher Mr James Titley-Rawson 



Area of Responsibility



Mrs H Legge

Speech and Language Champion

Mrs J Hamer

Mrs E Kennedy

Mrs T Wheelhouse 

SLT EY Leader/Maths

Year 1

Mrs C Siviter

Mrs S Henson



Mrs J Ballard

Mrs D Mann

Miss C Lawes  

SLT - Wellbeing Lead and Reading

Year 2

Mrs S Branchett


Mrs M Michaels

Mrs S Underwood

Mrs M Trendall


Year 3

Mrs J Lee

SLT Curriculum

Mrs M Mann

Mrs J Brade

Mrs S Joel

Miss S Leake


Year 4

Mr A Carter


Mrs R Poulton

Mrs K Harrow

Mrs E Taylor


Year 5

Mrs R Rea


Mrs L Wheeler

Mrs V Lupo

Mr M Smith

SLT - Achievement and PE

Year 6

Mrs R Sowter

Mr P Rees



Mrs B Brown 

Mrs V Clark

Ms T Weller

Writing and Music

Inclusion Lead

Miss T Bicknell



Mrs A Sherry

Mrs B Brown




Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

DSL/Safeguarding - Mr James Titley-Rawson

Early Years - Mrs T Wheelhouse

Achievement - Mr M Smith

Curriculum - Mrs J Lee

Wellbeing - Miss C Lawes

Inclusion - Miss T Bicknell


PPA teacher - Mrs J Brade (French/Multi-Culture)


Sports Coach: Mr J Liddicott


Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Smallbone

Mrs B Brown

Miss R Poulton

Mrs E Kennedy

Mrs D Mann

Mrs S Joel

Mrs M Mann

Mrs H Michaels

Mrs V Clark

Mrs L Wheller

Mrs V Lupo

Mrs K Harrow


Office Staff - Mrs R Boys, Mrs J Guy 

Librarian - Mrs M Smart

Extended Services (Breakfast Club/ After School Club) - Mrs V Lupo, Miss A Sampson, Mrs N Dadi, Mrs A Al-Zabaidy

Site Manager - Mr S Morgan


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