School Meals At Holly Lodge

Children at Holly Lodge have the choice to have either hot school meals or bring in a packed lunch. If you wish, they may have a combination of the two. At school we have an excellent kitchen that provides nourishing, healthy meals at a cost of £2.70 per day.  Our school lunch provider is Twelve15. (previously known as Surrey Commercial Services)

The document below gives details of the current menu.

We are pleased to be able to offer the children a choice of hot lunches. These meals will mainly follow the published school meal lunches. In addition to the published meal choices, there will also be an option of a jacket potato, the topping for this will change on a daily basis. The meals available, will be published on our website (see pdf link above) and will be on display on the door to reception to enable you to see what your child will be having on a weekly basis. The main option which is primarily, though not exclusively, meat based will be the “red” option, there will be a daily vegetarian option which will be “green” and the jacket potato option will be “yellow”, with fillings each day as follows:

Monday - baked beans
Tuesday - Cheese
Wednesday - Tuna mayo
Thursday - Cheese
Friday - Beans and cheese

Children are allowed to choose their option on a daily basis. At morning registration, all children will be advised what the meal choices are for that day and will be provided with a coloured wristband to reflect their choice. At lunchtime, they return the band when they are given their food. If you do happen to find that your child has come home with a wrist band, please could you hand it in to the office.

We ask that the children make healthy choices with their packed lunch so please do not include chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks. As we have children with nut allergies we also ask that no nut products be included or sandwich fillings, for example peanut butter or chocolate spread.

For details of allergy information for school meals please visit

 If your child has a special dietary requirement please contact the school office for a form to complete.


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