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‘The most important factors in improving schools are good teaching and strong leadership. The biggest factor influencing the success of a child is the parents.’*
By having a Parent Forum we can build a strong partnership to provide an all-inclusive and approachable school environment for everyone involved.

To enhance communications between school and parents and develop an effective partnership by:
• Providing a voice for parents on issues that are relevant to them.
• Providing valuable parental feedback to the school about a variety of issues from policy making to healthy eating.
• Providing support for our school and a sense of ownership for our parents.

*(From DfCSF guide to setting up a parent council 2007)

Working in partnership to provide the best for your children!


Each class has a parent representative which form the Parent Forum. We plan to meet each half term with a view to updating parents and discussing issues from each year group. Minutes from these meetings are posted on the website for all to read.

If you have a query that you would like discussed at the Parent Forum meetings please contact your class rep.


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