Texting & Messaging Key Points

Whilst we all agree that mobile technology is great in allowing our children easy access to the internet and to contact friends and relations we must also be aware of our responsibilities when we allow our children access to these technologies.

Do you know who your children are texting or messaging? Do you know what they are saying? Are they bullying or intimidating? Are they being bullied or intimidated by others?

There are simple steps you can take to make sure your children are texting and messaging responsibly.

1. Do not allow them to have private accounts – know their passwords and user names so you can check their texts and messages. Check their messages on a regular basis. Facebook does not allow children under 13 to have an account.

2. Do not allow your children to have their phone or tablet in their bedroom, make sure they use these devices where other members of the family are around and only at certain times.

3. If your child does receive unpleasant messages block the number from their device – teach them how to do this. Do not reply; keep the message to show someone and tell a trusted adult as soon as possible.

4. Encourage your child to think before they text or message. They should think: Could my message be misunderstood? What do I really want to say? Would I say this if I was talking face to face with the person?

For further information please visit: http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/

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