Everyone at Holly lodge School has the right to feel welcome, secure and happy. Bullying of any sort prevents this from happening and our Anti-bullying policy forms part of our Behaviour Policy and contains guidelines to support this ethos. Our anti-bullying policy is available to view here.

Where bullying exists, the victims must feel confident to activate the anti-bullying systems within the school to end the bullying. It is our aim to challenge attitudes about bullying behaviour, increase understanding for bullied pupils and help build an anti-bullying and value based ethos in the school.

If your child feels that they are being bullied, they can get support from the anti-bullying page in the children’s resources section of our website.

Anti-Bullying Room

This resource helps children to understand that the best thing to do to stop bullying is to speak up. There is always somebody in school who can help. If they want to talk to someone they can talk to any adult they trust. That might be their teacher or teaching assistant, midday meals supervisor, or of course, somebody in your family.

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