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We communicate with Parents on Tapestry along with e-mails.

Sometimes we will communicate through the Class Reps.

If you have any problems or concerns we are always available. Please do come and talk to us.


We will post photos of your children and their learning on tapestry and this is fed into a journal for you to see

and for us to track their progress in all areas of the curriculum. It is a 2 way system whereby we would like you to share any

learning that you do at home with your child. As your child will sometimes appear in photos sent to other parents we ask that you give permission for this to take place.


White polo

Grey trousers/skirt

Green school sweatshirt/cardigan

Summer dress

Grey Shorts

black shoes


Prior to coming to school it would be good if your children could dress and undress with some independence.

Use the toilet independently

PE Kit

All children need to have:

  • A white T-shirt
  • Green Shorts
  • Trainers (Velcro please)
  • Jogging bottom and Jumper (in a dark colour )
  • Change of pants and socks is useful.

It is essential that all items are clearly labelled.

We ask that parents take their children's PE kits home to be washed every half term.

Home learning

To link with our learning in school, the children will bring home a phonics book as and when we learn a new sound and tricky words.

Once every half term the children will be given a Home learning project to be completed over a number of weeks. This project is displayed during the Learning Galleries when parents are able to come into school to see your child's learning. Home learning not only helps the children to consolidate their learning from school, but also allows you to play a part in their learning too. 


In preparation for your child coming to school it would be lovely for you and other family members to read lots of books to them focusing on enjoyment and talking about the book.

Reading is an essential skill for your child to learn. Through the learning of sounds and high frequency words within Foundation Stage the children will develop their confidence to sound out and read a variety of words. It is important that the children are exposed to a range of texts so that they can apply their knowledge of sounds and words in different contexts.

Information texts are a good way to develop the children's skills of finding answers to questions and understanding the different features within the text, for example headings, contents pages and labels.

When reading story books, the children not only need to gain an understanding of how to break down words using their phonic knowledge, but also have a good comprehension and understanding of the story. To develop their skills of understanding, you could try asking your child questions about the plot, characters and what might happen next using the pictures within the story to support them.

In reception the children are given two books twice a week and are only changed once the books have been read at home. 

Within their reading diaries we will look for each book title to be signed and dated when they have been read. A short comment also helps us to know how they are getting on with reading at home and identify any areas for support.

We aim to hear all children to read once a week either individually or as part of a group.

Children need to have a book bag to carry books to and from school. It is better if these are a standard book bag rather than a rucksack.

 Look forward to meeting you

From the Reception Team

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