Who Can Be a Bully?

Who Can Be a Bully?

Anyone can be a bully. We often think that a bully would be someone bigger, stronger, or older than us, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes bullies act on their own but sometimes they stay in a group.

Some people may not realise that what they are doing is bullying and might think they are just teasing, but some people deliberately set out to bully someone and make them unhappy.

Bullies need help too. They might be taking their own angry or sad feelings out on other people. Maybe they are being bullied themselves. Bullies need help to understand that their behaviour is wrong, and perhaps need help to work through the problems that are making them bully others.

Bullies can change. They can find help for their own worries and change their behaviour so that they will have real friends, not people who are only there because they are afraid of them. Becoming a kinder person will make them feel better about themselves and they will find some genuine friends.

What is a Bystander?

A bystander is someone who watches or sees the bullying take place. Perhaps you are the friend of the bully or the person being bullied. Maybe you just notice something happening in the playground.

If you see someone being bullied you have a choice. You could do nothing, let it happen and let someone get hurt, or you could find help and do something to stop it.

What would you do?

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